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Fences Socratic Seminar Resources - Nolen

May 9 - Personal Challenge Essay - Walters

in progress

(double-sided half-sheet)


http:// www.slideworld.com/slideshows.aspx/Biography-August-Wilson-ppt-714834

25 - 29 April - Nolen

4-18 to 4-22 -- Irelan

Monday's content objective: You will understand literary terms of drama by using note-taking techniques to record salient information. (5.c)

For Tuesday.

Video clips for Tuesday.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loMoBHNGbrE excellent but long interview with Wilson fom Bill Moyers

The questions that come with it are marked with approximate times. If you have time, I would have them watch the whole thing. If not, chunk it, either from the beginning or from 7:55 in or so. The beginning section is about Wilson's views of the state of black identity as compared to the situations of other minorities in this country. From 7:55 they begin a conversation of Wilson's "identity" and his depictions of the African-American 20th century saga.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXPpG_YGLuc&feature=fvwrel Negro Leagues history clip, oddly set to a U2 song, but has a nice link between jazz and baseball
For Tuesday. I moved this up from Heather's post. I'm fine with this, but if you use it, please remember to substitute in your name.

For Tuesday or Wednesday: Could be used as warm-up discussion or as pre-reading homework
Essay by Gloria Naylor for Wednesday (or Tuesday if you're daring!)

Character charts--not necessarily for this week, but I plan on giving out one for each main character and having the kids use them as a unifying resource for the essay.


April 11-15 Modernism, Frost, and Hemingway -- Walters

To view as a presentation, save the pdf to computer, open with Adobe, and hit <ctrl> L.


Works better if you print it out, and use it as a handout.

Fences (Tentative) Reading Plan and Life Challenge Essay

Cause and Effect Essay Requirements and Rubric

3B 21 - 25 March

Here are my plans for the week of the 21st of March. I'm posting them far ahead of time so that, if necessary, you can adapt them for your classroom. Let me know if you have any questions -- Heather


3B 14 - 18 March -- Irelan

I refer to "essential questions" in here, but they aren't general enough to be essential. Consider them thought-provoking instead. Please read the Closure section for info about homework, etc.

This could be used to analyze events, or character actions/decisions wherever you are in the novel.

There are lots of questions here for you to pick and choose from to use during class Wed-Fri. They cover material from the whole novel, although most come from chapters 4-8. Most of them have page numbers attached. I tried to focus on cause and effect in the questions, with some success. I wanted you to be able to choose which you thought were most valuable to your class based on where you are. I didn't specify one particular question from here to serve as the prompt for the SCR on Friday, so you'll have to choose that as well. I will probably use the rest of the questions as a make-up or extra credit assignment.

I am especially fond of these pieces, re: the matching charts for people/symbols, color/symbols/weather motifs and geography motifs. Please note the sample cause effect essay.==

Background Information/Resources for Fences

February 28 - March 4 - Walters

Purdum-22-25-3B See email to 3B teachers-


Nolen 14 - 18 February

Week of 2-7 to 2-11 -- Irelan

For Tuesday, for review, use as necessary. Thank you, Connie!
These are adapted forms of the resources Connie supplied.
the Modernism stuff near the end may be a little dense

Week of Feb. 1 - Walters

Tuesday, 25 outlining

Wednesday 26, bibliography practice, use these samples and style sheets for bibliography practice

Thursday 27, sentence structure

Friday, sentence structure review and test.

Purdum-Plan Jan.24-28-9 pieces for Monday 24 on Evidence-test at end using fill-in House

Week of 18-21 January - Nolen

Ms. Purdum's Pre/Pos HarlemR---HarlemR Final (page 3 may be used as final for African American Authors Toomer, Hughes, Hurston instead)---4 Page Social Issues of the 20's handout for Social Issues paper----Progress Reporting for folders for Semester 2 (satisfies requirement for use of student data...)

Ms. Purdum's 20'sppt redux---HarlemRppt redux---Colored Me text.


Week of 1-10 to 1-14 -- Irelan==

Handouts will be forthcoming.

For Monday:

for homework or classwork, 1st page are additional HR poems, 2nd & 3rd are from the book
No powerpoint, sorry, but for the intents and purposes of the lesson, it seemed overkill, since all they really need to know about her is her "idyllic" upbringing in Eatonville and how that contributed to her different perspective on racial discrimination.
OK, I lied. Here is a short powerpoint on her, but you should pull some additional information about Eatonville from the doc above.

Social Issues essay requirements
This is a take on Heather's document, but I made changes to include expanding the topics to other issues of the early 1900s that influenced or are represented in the HR poetry, etc. I added a "due date" column to the assignment chart. PLEASE look at this before printing as I wasn't sure if everyone would want to include the signature section or different assignments, so not everything matches up (points, etc.)
Topics highlights:
Research questions handout:
this is set up to print double-sided and be a half sheet


Pieces on Gatsby, Winter Dreams, Postmodernism, Modernism, Harlem...pick what helps, or see me clp

Nolen - week of 3-7 January

Harlem Renaissance video from history.com:


Syllabus for English 3B==

Calendar for English 3B

Updated on the 13th of February

Lesson Planning Template

Bloom's Verbs for Objectives

Heather's Research Paper Assignment - use as you like :)