Week 9-October 8-12, 2012 Purdum Persuasive Writing

OK, so there should be a couple of PPT's here, but I don't know how to make one, so don't freak out. It is all here, review, then use.

Supplements-Persuasive writing Week 9-Day 1-Use writing guide pages 14-15, ask me for Int/Con worksheet:

Day 2-

Day 3-Sample argumentative essay at the end of the argumentative essay fact and example sheet:

Day 4-Use Writing Guide pages 15-16-17

Week of November 28

Week of November 21

Week of November 14


Week of November 7

Week of October 31

Week of October 24


Week of October 17

Week of October 10

Week of October 3

Week of September 26

Week of September 19

Week of September 12

Week of September 6

Week of August 29

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3A Unit One General Resources

2011-2012 School Year Above

2010-2011 School Year Below

Semester Two Calendar - through Spring Break


Nolen's final - use as you like.==

December 6 - 10 Historical analysis continued -- Mon and Tues are posted -- Wed - Fri are sketched out and resources to follow -- Walters

Historical analysis lesson plan 11/29-12/3-Purdum

Background information PPT on Emily Dickinson (for those who might need it - not included in the week's lessons, but useful as a resource nonetheless)

22 - 26 November - Heather

November 15-19 Irelan

The link below is a Twain bio
Click on link, select "part two" on the top of the screen window, skip to 6:25 minutes in, hold cursor over upper right portion of screen window until strange cyrillic-looking word pops up, click on it for full screen...not the clearest copy, but its Ken Burns
a bit left to do, and I'm not sure anyone is ready to start this anyway, but...ppts will follow
Maybe a little long, starts with the painting, no guided notes (I hate "fill in the blank")
AmericanProgress.jpgJohn Gast--1872 "American Progress", great encapsulation of manifest destiny
Teacher resource only, nice explanation of Gast painting and "frontier" concept==
Epigrams at the beginning are for the warm-up
Some ideas for approach to dialect and humor in "Jumping Frog"


Week of November 1 plans from Walters

Completed plan will replace later in week. Civil War, Nov. 8-12

3A Unit Three Calendar:

Here is the calendar for Unit 3 - I have not yet completed the last two weeks/paper-writing weeks.

Week of the 25th of October:

Additional Transition Resources:

Updated Unit Two Calendar:

General resources for English 3A go here:

Week of 23 August

Week of the 30th of August resources - posted by Heather

from Irelan

from Irelan

some notes from Heather to support my lesson for Wed--Irelan

This is the one I'm talking about in my lesson plans--Irelan

Week of 07 Sept. - The Crucible Documents from Mark

Week of 13-17 September 3A Lesson Plan-Purdum

Week of 21-24 September 3A Lesson Plans--Irelan

There are quite a few supplementary resources, some of which I can't get to you until Tuesday.

These are the first 3 laws--the Puritan model and the 2 shorter ones.
this is the Internal Security Act of 1950 (3 pages) & the Patriot Act (2 pages plus 2 with less important provisions)

This might be a little more info than you really need, but I think it could go quickly.
Below are the two clips I found on United Streaming, so hopefully no one will need to get a password. They are in order. Both of these are about 5 1/2 minutes long. You should just be able to hit the play button and click or double-click in the black space right above it to get it to play full screen. It plays in WindowsMediaPlayer. Neato!

Week of 27 September - 01 October


Week of October 4-8-3A-Writing a Persuasive Paper-Purdum

Week of 11 Oct. -- Mark's plans for 3A

Week of Oct. 18-22 -- Irelan

Still looking for sample for Tuesday. Based on flow, it might make sense to use Wednesday's lesson first anyway.
More sophisticated than AC Writing Guide Thesis stuff (pp 23-24), 2nd two pages on organizing argument, from Purdue OWL

My take on Heather's outline
Heather's origina

Summary of Page and Page Number
Element of Naturalism