2011-2012 School Year Above

2010-2011 School Year Below

Purdum-Week May 9-13

T This quiz was created as a pre-post test. It is good, though, to test the dramatic knowledge of your Interventionists. Mine studied all these terms by doing vocabulary. Claire's powerpoint helps for review for the test. You may have to supplement a few of the terms. Also, give out the Blue book, Glossary, for review before the test...or give it Pre, Monday, then Post, Friday, and tell them they will be given the Post grade.

5-2 to 5-6 - Gibson

4-25 to 4-29 -- Irelan

collection of poems to practice character analysis on...for the 4 Masters poems, check out this link to put them into context: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoon_River_Anthology, the last two are the most difficult poems to pull character from, but they are good at showing how tone can help create character

charts for character analysis for all but the last two poemsshortish story for more in depth CA could be used as a "get into the mind" of a character for the story

Purdum-04/18-22 Intervention Shakespeare and his poetry

4-11 to 4-15 Gibson

3-28 to 4-1 -- Irelan

general overview good sample outline, very thorough
Two possible rubrics for your consideration

Plans-Mar 21-25-Purdum

March 14-18 - Gibson -

Week 02/28-03/04-Purdum-Prep list on Monday-Use appropriate page number CSAP practice packet-days are essentially interchangeable-practicewarmups emphasize various grammatical writing skills. Here is an end of week test. Covers my lesson plan.


Week of 2-22 to 2-25 -- Gibson

Week of 2-14 to 2-18 -- Irelan

references handout 2-15
this is too long. It has some embedded practice. The beginning was intended as a review, but that only works if they remember any of this from 1st term.
This is the easiest of the practice exercises, on personal pronouns.The next step up with exercises on indefinite PN and on PN-V agreement

S-V resources for Thursday--use whichever, see annotations

Pretty basic, from the BBC, no Brit spellings, my year abroad in college was in Norwich!

from some grammar book, mostly on indefinite pronouns
good basic practice with some rewrites
The assessment The key


2BIntAssess5III is the teachers key.

2BIntAsese 5 and 5II are a longer and shorter version of the Friday test.

Week of 02/7-02/11-Purdum

Week of 2-1 to 2-4 - Gibson

Week of 1-24 to 1-28 -- Irelan

updated warm-ups, this time with correction slides

1-24 main idea ppt
If the link above doesn't work, copy and paste this: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/ttravis-58115-Main-Idea-Education-ppt-powerpoint/

For the practice, after slide 10, the essay about the Korean War on p. 590-91 of the blue lit book looks like it might work.

for 1-25 (and 26?)...So, I was on slide 14 when it crashed, and I'm not going to recreate the last six slides. The next ones were just explaining the example--how information from the text implied the answer--and setting up the "we do" and "you do" protocols.

01/17-01/21-Pick up your connotation word guides in your mailboxes. From my personal library, return to me when finished at end of week. Reuse Claire's PreRootSuf chart for short story exercise. xtra Connotationsppt. is for extra practice and review only. Connotation vs. Denotationppt. has guided notes.

January 10, 2011 through January 14, 2011 - Gibson - ,

January 3, 2011 through January 7, 2011 - Gibson
2B Intervention Semester Calendar -
2b Intervention Syllabus