Purdum Plan

11/14-11/18 -- Irelan

These plans are based on discussions had with team members regarding how the hell to proceed with an assignment after the school has pulled our resources. They are an attempt to reconcile our needs with our realities, but as each of us may have a slightly different reality, please feel free to adopt/adapt as necessary. Much is cobbled together from Nadja's and last year's resources, but its success is predicated on us locating resources for one another. Please post them below.
PLEASE look over this. I didn't include some dates or assignments, and the second page is directly from Nadja's document with no changes at all, so if you want to use the student signature portion, you'll need to alter it.
For Wednesday: I don't really like this--too wordy, but it's something
For Thursday: powerpoint to come


Prompt #1:
Resolving Conflict in a Multicultural environment
Japan as Other
Youth Stereotyping
Stereotypes and Learning

Prompt #2:

Acclimating/Adjusting to Prison Culture
Adjusting after War
What is Culture?
HS Immigrant Students Acclimation
Cultural Clash
I heart Detroit

Prompt #3:

Shifts in Cultural Values, Men vs. Women
Meeting Western-idealizations

Week of 11/7 - 11/10 - Reiss

Week of 10/31-11/4 -- Hickey

Sample editorial #1
Sample editorial #2

I noticed this in the wiki from last semester (looks like Jen created it). I thought it would be useful for the workshop on persuasive rhetoric as in introduction. I just took off the parts about the MLK speech and left it open to use to discuss any editorial.

Purdum Plan-October 24-28-The squidoo selection has two videos, and interspersed information about Greece. I intend to use all of it. Print out the intervening info for students to follow.

Vocabulary work template-

Purdum-These pieces provide allusions to Greek Myth-If they are too academic, see Poe The Raven or To Helen, or many other Poe pieces

Purdum-This is the most recently adapted MAP of the course to T-day-

October 17-21 -- Irelan

Week of 10/10-10/14 - Reiss

Week of 10/3-10/7--Hickey

It seems like our timing is all a bit varied. My plans for this week include intense focus on outlining, drafting, and revising the quest narrative, as my students have yet to begin this part of the process.I have them beginning their final drafts on Friday, but this is by no means going to be enough time to type them. My students will continue typing the first day or two of the following week. As always, adjust your days as you see fit.

Purdum Lesson Plan-Sept. 26-30

Sept 20-23 Lessons--Irelan

This is the template with indications as to what I was thinking should go in the blanks for the intro paragraph draft. I made up a hero as a model and plugged in the details.
We could probably save paper and have the kids chart this themselves.

Week of 9/12 to 9/16 -- Reiss

Week of 9/5 to 9/9 -- Hickey

Lesson Plan and for Purdum Plan, Aug 29-Sept. 2

MAP August-September 2011-

Week of 8/22 to 8/26-- Tizer

Week of 8/22 to 8/26--Irelan

Maybe something to do on Wednesday when we're all out at PD.
My big-ass ppt from last year. Lego pantheon!

Week of 8/15 to 8/19

Planning Resources

Pre-Post Test

2011-2012 School Year Above

2010-2011 School Year Below

Week of 12/6 to 12/10 - Gibson

Persuasive rubric

This is out of 55, but one of the categories could be easily cut to make it 50, particularly if you haven't set a firm word/page length or don't have much time for the revision process.

Week of 11/29 to 12/3 - Irelan

Will post or supply samples for Thursday and Friday. Tried to give you options, or you could pick out what works best for your kids
I'd try the link on the 3rd ethos slide to see if it works; it did for me, but you could also set it up ahead of time--it's just a youtube clip. The end of the ppt introduces MLK letter.
selection to identify Logos, etc. my take on the text mark-ups

For Tuesday

For Wed-Fri

A good overview (better checklist than the one I put on the organizer) with a partner practice activity
This is a nice resource from Purdue about strong thesis statements (much better than the ACHS writing guide or Write Source) and organizing arguments, but it may be too involved for our short timeline
This was designed to be used throughout the drafting process, from thesis statement to detailed outline, which i

s why I have it planned to be due on Monday with the full rough draft due on Tuesday, since the rough will not be much more than this organizer in complete sentences. If this doesn't fit your timeline, please alter as necessary.

Week of 11/22 to 11/23 - Irelan==

So, I misread the calendar that said I was supposed to finish up sci-fi, but I think this stuff is a good persuasive intro, and we probably won't have time for it after this break.
Monday turned into a powerpoint extravaganza.
I said I wouldn't have a hand out, but I didn't know I was going to make a big powerpoint.
I was trying to represent "logos, etc" without actually using the words. I'm not sure I quite got it.
In case doesn't work, this doc has the links to some suggested speeches, real and c

elluloid, serious and silly.

Week of 11/15-19 Purdum

Week 11-8-10 to 11-13-10 - Davis

Week of 11-1-10 to 11-5-10 - Davis

Week of 10-25-10 to 10-28-10 - Davis

Pit & Pendulum Music Video

Week of 10-18-10 to 10-22-10 Waters

Week of 10-11 to 10-15 Waters

Week of 10-4 to 10-8 Gibson

Week of 9-27 to 10-1 Irelan

The "I do" etc. isn't there yet, but I thought you'd like to see the basics==


Week of 9-20 to 9-24 Purdum

2A Lesson-September 20-24-Purdum

Week of 9-13 fto 9-17 ??? (NOT Waters)

Week of 9-7 to 9-10 Waters

Week of 8-30 to 9-3 Davis/Irelan

Week of 8-23 to 8-27 Irelan

Friday's full lesson will be updated soon. in unzipped form

General Resources for 2A:

subject to change as content is being refined