Lesson Plan 11/14-18: Synonyms,Antonyms, Homophones

Find synonym, antonym worksheets at 2BIntervention, 01/17-01/21 or in your binder booklets

Word exercises in paragraph form-

Homophone exercises-http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/homophones.html



[[http://www.kidport.com/Grade4/LanguageArts/LanguageArts.htm ]]
(This site, although geared for grade 4, is a quick way to reminder check if you have laptops in the room)


10/31-11/4 - Reiss

this is the ppt I'm using with some breaks to diagram as we go

10/24 to 10/27 -- Irelan

for Monday, and probably Tuesday
use only if needed to understand transitive verb/direct object connection

Purdum-prepositions and preposition phrases, per the preposition booklet dispensed to 10th teachers during the week of Oct. 3-7

10/10-10/14 --Hickey

Regular Verb Usage-Oct. 10-14-Booklets provided each instructor

October 3-7 - Reiss

This is the updated powerpoint with warm up and exit ticket. I will likely spend a lot of time reviewing verbs in general before jumping into tenses.

this is likely the article I will use for finding sentences as it is current and has (at least) three of each for students to enter sentences into their chart but feel free to use a different article

Sept 26-30 lesson plans--Irelan

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODGA7ssL-6g very basic, but a classic

The following are choices for the ppt for Monday, with my commentary. If you feel rushed with both coordinating and correlative, it would be easy to break them up.
looks more elementary, but lots of examples
good, with punctuation rules, but only coordinating good, no pictures
Exercises for Monday in ppt form (with answers) or worksheet.

Tuesday (I combined the correlative with the subordinating for my sub, so skip the first slides if you've already done those)
Paragraph rewriting for coordinating and subordinating--good practrice
More practice opportunities:
identification and sentence creation
identification, but simpler...should make kids tell which kind as well
sentence combining using coordinating conjunctions, 3rd page is answer key

This is the quiz. There are three versions--low, middle, and high--to choose from, or use them all.

Purdum-Sept. 19-23 Here is the lesson plan. Most of the required handouts are in the booklet I gave you entitled Nouns. It is the one with more pages. The keys are there as well. Please feel free to search for adverb powerpoints which more capability fulfill your needs, if these do not. (I tried to line these up properly. It won't let me.)



9/12 - 9/16--Hickey
Rest of the resources to follow...

PPT for Monday 9/12 Note: There is a button for full screen view on the lower right hand side of the presentation next to the "menu" button.

PPT for Tuesday. Adjective drills are located in the "Noun" packet from Connie on pages 33, 35, and 37. If you can't find your packet, see me for copies.

For Wednesday. Note: I put this into PPT form just in case we have a hard time locating a color printer for the images. The first 3 slides have directions if used as a PPT activity instead of the "gallery pass," as well as a quick example. Note all adjectives are in bold. I figured the students could ID those before moving on to the images.

For Thursday.

For Friday, if needed.
Sept 5-Sept 9 -- Reiss

Aug 29-Sep 2--Irelan
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7S_B9GcRI0 Schoolhouse Rock intro to the subject and predicate
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7CxWNY829Y SHR intro to nouns

Run through this first! Once you click to the next slide, the text and images are timed and will appear on their own. If you keep clicking, you will miss the text. The first slide is if you want to start the School House Rock video from inside the ppt. Otherwise, skip to the second slide.

This is longer and sillier than I intended.

These are activities that can be used as warm-ups, practice or games. The noun note cards are categories to organize the noun cardlets into. They require cutting out. ("Mass" nouns aren't on Monday's ppt, so you could delete that category if you wanted to.)

This is another fun cut-out matching game on collective nouns, especially because kids can find out that a group of crows is a "murder"!
On the excel sheet the collective noun is matched with its animal, so another copy can serve as the key. NOTE: on noun note cards, there is a "mass nouns" category for things that aren't collective but aren't pluralized, like "oxygen" or "water" but this category did not end up in the ppt, so you should probably drop that card.

This painting is a noun searching activity. Many other pictures would work as well. See directions on the following document.

Lesson Plan Purdum-Aug. 22-26

Lesson Plan Purdum-Aug. 15-19

Previously agreed upon materials. Diagnostic test-Jen ReadStratPPt-Lisa

2011-2012 School Year Above

2010-2011 School Year Below

Finals Week: Gibson

I don't really want to use this now, guys. I found usingenglish.com, and it is a super review site. Just copy out the tests you want to use as handouts; then take the test yourself, and get the correct answers; then either a) let them take the test online, record their results for you, correct themselves and take the handout the next day, or b) take the handout, you grade it, give it to them, let them study it, then take it back, then do it online. Personally, the first scenario is what we are using. The kids like it. Total engagement. Or, use this lesson plan. I made it a while back, because I didn't know what week I had, so just ignore the date. It is for 12/6-12/10.


Week November 22 -26 Gibson

Week Nov. 12-15 Intervention

Lesson Plans 11-1 to 11-5- Winchester

Lesson Plans 10-25 to 10-29 - Gibson
Lesson Plans 10-18 to 10-22-Purdum
Lesson Plans 10-11 to 10-15--Irelan

Lessons are really boring and basic, but I have a few better activity ideas that you'll get Monday.

This is powerpoint-like presentation that has some merit, but definitely preview it to know which "slides" to show

Hopefully fun way to practice parts of sentences, types of sentences--read my email about it.

Lesson Plans 10.4-10.8 - Winchester

Lesson Plans 9.27 - 10.1 - Gibson

Intervention lesson September 20-24-CPurdum-Supplements to follow in email

Lesson Plans 9.13 - 9.17 Irelan

Lesson Plans 9.7 -9.10 - Gibson

Lesson Plans 8.30 - 9.3 Winchester
Lesson Plans 8.23 -8.27 Purdum
Sophomore Intervention Calendar